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Increase your web presence by getting on The Chamber Of Commerce Web Directory.  Included in the free web advertising account is 2 pictures that can be added with separate different links to the landing pages on one's web site. The web Full Page Ad can also have up to 7 social media links to take the web surfer to the business FaceBook page, Twitter, YouTube Channel, Blog Site, Pinterest, Google Plus Business Page or even LinkedIn Corporate page.  Click on this Sign Up Today link and Advertise your Web Site and your Services and Product Specials!


Monthly Newsletters sent from the Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce can send monthly newsletters to all full page ad accounts as well as free white page accounts.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) SEO Tips in the Monthly Newsletters

SEO is very important to businesses to get the best rankings they can from Google based on their keywords and tons of other factors. These Monthly Newsletters give SEO tips which are worth tons of consulting dollars and are a big added value from the Chamber Of Commerce sending them out.

Click on this Full Page Ad Sign Up Link Today

Clicking on the sign up link above, you will go through a 2 screen set up process. The first screen in the sign up process gives you your free internet account to change your Ad as often as you wish. The second screen in the sign up process shows you costs which can be set by the Chamber of Commerce. No pay per click charges, no cancellation penality charges and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

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